School Development Plan


School Development Plan 2013/14



  1. About our school
  2. Mission Statement & Aims
  3. The BESD Unit
  4. Leadership & Management
  5. Staffing
  6. Curriculum & Aspects responsibilities
  7. The Extended School & its community
  8. The Governing Body
  9. Post Ofsted action plans
  10. 3 year overview
  11. Budget
  12. Middlefield premises
  13. Health & Safety

About our school

Context issues –
Speke was a regeneration area and continues to be an area of acute social and economic need. Statistical evidence indicates…
  • High unemployment (1 in 3 families with no working adult and a history of no employment often going back more than 2 generations)
  • Very low incomes – one of the poorest electoral wards in the country
  • High rates of infant mortality, heart disease, lung cancer and other health issues associated with poverty
  •  Speke is in the bottom 2% nationally for social deprivation
  • Very low percentage of adults have been through higher education

School statistics show…

  • Approximately 60% children entitled to free school meals, but more if all those entitled applied
  • About  30% of pupils on SEN register with a high proportion of children at School Action Plus
  • About 10% of children on Child Protection Register, Child in Need plans and more on school’s Concern Register
  • Pupil mobility is not high but sometimes difficult to manage. We have inward and outward mobility, which largely entails pupils who leave and subsequently return during the primary years, often more than once.

Mission Statement

This is an inclusive school where all are treated equally and given equality of opportunity regardless of gender, special need, disability or race.
Literacy and numeracy must be the backbone of our pupil’s success in learning. We will build on the skills of everyone in school. We will provide a balanced curriculum that will include practical and first hand experiences, learning through play and investigation. The curriculum will include visits and visitors to enrich our children’s experiences.
Teaching and learning will be focused on learners’ needs and abilities. We will develop assessment for learning which enables knowledge about individuals to inform the way they are taught and learn. We will give extra support to learners who need it most.
We will build a partnership with parents / carers by giving information and making school a part of the community.
The HT will put into place effective systems for quality assurance and self-evaluation. These must promote high standards in every area of school life, including behaviour, teaching and learning.
This is a school that welcomes all members of our community.

School Aims

  • To be inclusive
  • Promote equality of opportunity
  • To promote high standards by providing QFT consistently
  • To treat learners as individuals, differentiate teaching & learning and take into account each child’s needs
  • To provide for learners health & safety
  • To provide a balanced curriculum
  • To teach basic skills well
  • To apply basic skills across the curriculum
  • To visit places and welcome visitors to enrich the curriculum
  • To make Middlefield a school where good is always expected


Middlefield was a resourced primary school, with 18 places for children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.
Children attended the resource from all over the city and it catered for children from 4 to11 years old.
Admissions were arranged through the LA Special Needs Officers and in consultation with the Local Authority’s Inclusion Officer.
The core purpose of the resource was to make it possible for pupils to reintegrate into the mainstream classes and into the social life of the school and to begin learning alongside their peers again and, where possible, to return to their original mainstream school.
The BESD Unit was a specialist provision; individually designed programmes of support were in place to help each child to achieve reintegration at a pace that was appropriate to their needs.
The Unit manager was the senior member of staff with overall responsibility for SEN and a member of the Leadership Team. (She was an Advanced Skills Teacher for inclusion).
The Unit remained open for 15 years. On the retirement of the Unit manager in August 2013, Governors decided to close this resource. However, some parents asked if their child could stay at Middlefield and out of the 10 pupils who were in school at the time of closure, 7 remain, 2 have a Statements.
Leadership and Management
The school has a HT, AHT and Teams of co-professionals who have responsibility for the work in each of the areas. Each team is comprised of the teachers and classroom based support staff allocated to that age group.
The Curriculum manager, Assessment manager, SENCo, team leaders and the Head Teacher make up the Senior Leadership Team, some 6 people who meet weekly
Mrs T Heffron, our senior LSO meets with the other LSO staff regularly and contributes to SLT meetings as and when required and meets with the HT frequently.
Our Administration Officer is Mrs Christine Tavernor.



Head Teacher 

Paula Judd 

Leadership spine 

Assistant head teacher, Assessment manager & UKS2 manager 

David Potter 

Leadership spine 

Teaching & Learning manager 

Karen Crichton 

Leadership spine 

Forest Schools lead and KS1 manager 

Mags Hunter 

Leadership spine 

SENCo & LKS2 manager 

Emma Wood 

UPS3, TLR, SEN payment 

Foundation stage manager 

Kate Warner 



Staffing 2013/14


Teaching staff 


Support staff 


Team Leader: 

Kate Warner
Laura Callanan 

Helen Crone
Lindsey Donald
[maternity leave from 9/13 to 4/14]
Nursery teacher 

Reception teacher
Reception teacher
Val Cornell 

Sue Power
Tracy Keogh
Lin Taggart


Team leader:
Mags Hunter
Shearon Young 

Lauren Cashen
Mags Hunter
Bryan Fewtrell
Y1 teacher 

Y1 teacher
Y2 teacher
Y2 teacher
Claire Wheelhouse 

Viv Bamford
Tracy Heffron
Pam Roberts
Kerry O’Sullivan

Middle school 

(Y3 & 4)
Team Leader:
Emma Wood
Emma Wood 

Jo Wilson
Eva Rookwood
Simone Jaques
Y3 & 4 support class teacher 

Y4 teacher
Y3 teacher
Y3 & 4 teacher
Vicky See 

Hazel Durie
Kerry Berry
Sue Chatterton

Upper school 

(Y5 & 6)
Team Leader:
David Potter

Karen Crichton / David Potter
Maria O’Sullivan
Sarah Livingstone
Emma Wilkinson
Elaine Barton

Literacy and numeracy teachers
Backfill for DP &  KC
Support class teacher

Selina Blake
Tom Bird
Kim Corrigan

Reading Recovery  

1 to 1 tuition
Lucy Price 


Angela Jones 

Mon & Tue


Kate Warner 

Caroline Smith
Maggie Horton



Team Leaders will line manage all staff within their areas of responsibility and report to SLT.
Team Leaders will be line managed by AHT who will report directly to HT
SLT report directly to HT
Pupil Welfare and access to learning 

Donna Clarke  

Carol Robinson
Learning Mentor 

Administrative staff 

Christine Tavernor 

Administrative Officer 


Eithne Sheils 

Administrative assistant 


Diane Rigby 

Administrative assistant  

The Extended School & its community
The school has strong roots in the area.
We liaise with the local primary and secondary schools regularly.
We link with the LAs SEN team and Social Inclusion for our children with difficulties; children previously with allocated BESD Unit places and those who did not, as many of our children need support from time to time with behaviour management.
We were the first school in the country to provide ‘Quiet Place’ for our community. Our commitment to help families remains paramount and presently our LM, and her assistant, have QP certificates so that they may provide EQ services more regularly to those families in need of help.
Please see Quiet Place brochure.
We have links with our local church, St. Aidan’s Speke. The vicar, Gill Pinnington and her husband Geoff, take assemblies in school and attend many of our services including our Leavers Service every July. This is a very positive relationship based on respect and regard.
After the closure of their church the St Aidan’s parishioners used our hall for their Sunday services and other celebrations for over a year. We offered the use of our out building for their outreach work during the school week during this time. St. Aidan’s now have other premises but the relationship that we built continues and the congregation often returns to help our school celebrate major Christian festivals.
Gill is now a member of our Governing body and the Chair of the Curriculum Committee
We provide work placements for students from a variety of colleges and FE, many of whom are ex-pupils.
We signpost out of hours services to our families through ‘Five for Families’.
We provide a number of after school activities, many paid for by the school, and run a heavily subsided breakfast club every day from 8am.
The learning mentor and her colleague run a parenting course every Wednesday for parents from within the community.

The Governing Body

Chair of Governors 

Vice – Chair
Parent governors
LEA Governors
Community Governor
Teacher Governor
Staff Governor
Clerk to Governors
Mr David Wilson 

Mrs. Lorraine Fletcher
Mrs. Angela Neill, Mrs Joanne Hitchen & Mrs Beverly Prescott
Mr. Harold Cohen & Mrs V Joynes
Mrs G Pinnington, Mrs Cynthia Potter
Mrs. Emma Wood
Mrs V See
Mrs. Eithne Sheils
The Governing body meet every term. The Finance, Staffing and Personnel meet at least once a term and make a complete report at following full governors meeting. The Curriculum committee also meets termly and will begin to meet pre and post SATs to discuss targets, results and progress in 2013/14.
Powers have been fully delegated to the committees and new committee personnel will be drawn up at the first governors meeting of the academic year.
Governors are always welcome in school and our parent governors work hard to inform the parent / carers of decisions that are made. However, we have sometimes struggled to recruit governors and the main body of work is actually undertaken by 3 or 4 people. Parent governors have been particularly difficult to find but we are very fortunate to have committed and dedicated parent Governors at the moment.
All training opportunities are sent regularly to governors by the Clerk. A resource for governors with all documents pertaining to their role is available in the Conference room. An induction pack is also available and will be updated annually by the Clerk, a member of the office staff.
Regular presentations to governors by key school personnel, will be timetabled into the 2013/14 Governors meetings.
ALL Governors are CRB checked.
School Priorities 2013/14
Please see Middlefield ‘Getting to Good’ action plans

Governing body’s work priorities

  • Embed new Curriculum committee
  • Attend all meetings in order to have a better awareness of the work of the school & be better prepared for Ofsted
  • Evaluate their work through Governors meetings
  • To monitor finance
  • Attend training for relevant sessions

Extended school activity priorities

  1. Continue to provide Learning Mentor support for the pupils in school through the existing wide range of activities, including Breakfast Club,  child protection work, support for individual pupils and work within the Common Assessment Framework
  2.  To continue to develop therapeutic responses to families with stress through the Quiet Place and training for LM and LSO to enable support to be offered on a full term time basis
  3.  Continue to work with secondary partners. Continue to take up opportunities for collaborative work around transition.
  4.  Continue to work with ‘Five for Families’ to ensure that the community is aware of ‘out of hours’ provision.

Budget Summary

Budget summary 2013/14 

As at 24/4/13
Total Budget 


Staffing – teaching & support 


Staffing – Administration 


PFI costs 


Teaching & learning resources 



Statutory Targets – KS2




English & Maths L4+ 



2 levels progress English 



2 levels progress maths 






English L4+ 



English L5+ 






Maths L4+ 



Maths L5+ 







Non-Statutory targets – KS1






























Monitoring & Evaluation

The cycle of monitoring will continue as set out in the post Ofsted action plans and in the Monitoring & Evaluation file. Details can be found in the M&E file, in the HTs office, and Post Ofsted Action plans.

Performance Management

Appraisal and PM are carried out using the agreed Middlefield policy. These policies are available from Mrs D Rigby at the office.